Rebellious teenager Kim Temple has a troublesome affliction: in stressful situations she loses consciousness and during these ‘sleeping fits’ she can travel through her own past.
During one of these episodes, she witnesses a disturbing moment in the past involving the man she fears so deeply, namely her father. Kim realizes that if she can uncover the truth about the unsettling event, she might be able to keep her father locked up in prison.
But in order to achieve this, Kim must force herself into increasingly dangerous situations, as this is the only way to enter a ‘sleeping fit’. On top of this, each journey to Kim’s past has a negative impact on her health.

Can she reveal the truth before her quest kills her?

Time Will Tell is a gripping story about a young woman who finds it impossible to trust another human being, but who discovers that the only way to solve her problems is to do just that.

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Product specifications

Author: D.M. Richards
Pages: 208
Language: English
Edition: Digital

Publication date: March 2017 

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