de jongen uit het woud-final-omslagThe Voice of the Sea, written by Mara Li, has been nominated for the renowned Dutch Harland Award for Novels, making it into the top 5 of Best Dutch Language Fantasy titles.  Storm Publishers is a fairly new player on the field of YA and fantasy publishing houses so naturally we are very proud that one of our titles has been nominated for this prestigious national award.

Harland Novel Award
2016 will see the first-ever Harland prize being awarded to an entire fantasy novel – in previous years only short stories up to 10,000 words were able to enter this contest. Publisher Natasja Storm says: “I got a phone call from Martijn Lindeboom, one of the people in the organization, with some thrilling news – The Voice of the Sea had made it to the shortlist! You can understand my surprise and excitement, because we haven’t been around for very long and it is every publisher’s dream to boast an award-winning novel in one’s catalog. In the current climate of book publishing it is far from easy to stand out from a crowd made up of big publishing houses. This position on the shortist featuring five of the best fantasy novels of Holland and Belgium is the biggest reward we could ask for.”

The author of the winning novel will be awarded €2500. The jury (consisting of well-known newspaper book reviewers, award-winning bookstore owners, and celebrities from the world of radio) has selected these five titles from a longlist of 41 submissions. On the 2nd of April the winner will be announced during the award ceremony in Amsterdam.

About The Voice of the Sea
I was born in the sea.
The night my mom gave birth to me, the waves rolled toward the beach like towering giants and her voice shrieked like the seagulls. She kept calling for the sea until my father complied and carried her laboring body outside in his strong arms. There she was, in a white dress, lying on her back in the mud as she spread her legs in the surf. The waves pulled me out. Before my father could hold me, the first parent I knew was the salty water.

Nimue only knows her mother from stories. After a relentless storm, she leaves her fishing village together with her little brother Arthur to find the mother they have never known. While traveling through a continent devastated by the deadly Black Influenza, Nimue discovers that her family’s history is fraught with secrets – secrets that have cost the lives of many people. Meanwhile, a mysterious apparition shrouded in a veil of haze seems to go wherever she and Arthur go. Why is the misty specter following them? And what connection do Nimue and Arthur have with the Other World – the realm of the spirits?

Sela’s Legacy series
This book is the first in a series called ‘Sela’s Legacy’ trilogy. With her lyrical writing style, Mara Li manages to evoke a magical-historical atmosphere against the backdrop of a dystopian-futuristic society. In February 2016 the second book in the series was published – The Call of Avalon. This summer the trilogy will conclude with The Advent of the King.

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