Storm Publishers is a publishing house specialising in young adult and new adult novels written exclusively by Dutch and Flemish authors who write their works in the Dutch language.  We are internationally-oriented, however, because we publish these works in both Dutch and English – guaranteed. Our scope is powerful, purpose-driven, and clear. With that in mind, we publish books for a specific target audience:  readers aged 14-25 as well as people in other age groups who are interested in young adult and new adult literature.  We always strive to be trendsetters by keeping our approach fresh and progressive. To accomplish this, we do not limit ourselves to book publication only; we also offer merchandise and other products potentially of interest to our readership.

Storm Publishers’ name and logo
The story behind our company name is short and easy – it was founded by Natasja Storm, whose name has a powerful connotation in Dutch and English alike.  Her last name was a very suitable one to use in conjunction with her publishing endeavours.

- In the eye of the Storm everything is clear -

This describes Storm Publishers to a tee. Natasja Storm knows exactly what she wants: to publish great books written by Dutch and Flemish writers with a talent for good storytelling, and to set up her own line of products, all of these aimed at a specific YA target audience.

The space of the O in our logo stands for ‘the eye of the storm’ – it symbolises strength while giving our company logo a clear and fresh look at the same time.

International focus
Now that e-book publishing has made it easier for writers and publishers to expand their reach across borders, Storm Publishers has decided to publish all of its works bilingually without selling e-rights to overseas publishers, working with an in-house translator to provide US English-language editions of the novels in their portfolio. All novels published by Storm Publishers will be made available as English e-books on major sales channels such as Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play.

And more
Storm Publishers does not just publish books – we also design products  relatable to a YA fiction-loving audience, such as book-related jewellery, T-shirts, and other accessories and stationery. This is what sets Storm Publishers apart from other Dutch publishing houses: not just by offering books exclusively written by talented Dutch and Flemish authors, but also by offering our own ‘store brand’ of products that we think will appeal to YA book lovers. An innovative concept in the Netherlands!


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