A shot of a man and a woman in love kissingTo Steve Bennett, only very few things in life are certain – nothing lasts forever, and the only way to drown out the emptiness he feels eating away at his soul is by living life in high gear. Now that he’s back from the tropical island where he spent most of his summer, it’s time for Steve to face the mess he left back home. When he meets Liv, he treats her like he treats everyone else – like a passing stranger. Liv, however, seems to look right through his act. She forces him to finally make a choice: keep hurtling down the same old path at break-neck speed, or shift gears and slow down to fight for what might be blossoming between him and Liv.

After ‘Heat’, the successful first new adult novel by Dutch author Lis Lucassen, ‘High Gear’ is the second installment in this steamy summer romance series.

Product specifications

Author: Lis Lucassen
Pages: 224
Language: English
Edition: Digital

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