Rebellious teenager Kim Temple has a troublesome affliction: in stressful situations she loses consciousness and during these ‘sleeping fits’ she can travel through her own past. During one of these episodes, she witnesses a disturbing moment in the past involving the man she fears so deeply, namely her father. Kim realizes that if she can uncover the truth about the unsettling event, she might be able to keep her father locked up in prison. But… Continue reading

Nineteen-year-old Juliet has been suffering from nightmares ever since she survived a brutal attack on the Fallhallow National Bank. But she hopes to put those terrifying memories behind her on the day of the court trial. After all, with the criminal known as the Half Face locked in chains, she will be perfectly safe. Until he manages to break free …

What follows for Juliet is a long, exhausting journey through the harsh and unknown… Continue reading

The Voice of the Sea, written by Mara Li, has been nominated for the renowned Dutch Harland Award for Novels, making it into the top 5 of Best Dutch Language Fantasy titles.  Storm Publishers is a fairly new player on the field of YA and fantasy publishing houses so naturally we are very proud that one of our titles has been nominated for this prestigious national award.

Harland Novel Award 2016 will see the… Continue reading

We will be attending the London Book Fair on April! 15th and 16th We are really looking forward to this fair, as we will be visiting the LBF for the first time. Already we have made a number of appointments with some great literary agents from Germany, Sweden, Armenia, and the US/the Netherlands, and are thrilled to meet all of them. These talented people are all active in the field of selling YA rights worldwide… Continue reading

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